Apple invests in tomorrow’s coding talent

While Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t think a four-year degree is necessary to be a proficient coder, he’s still prepared to invest in the nurturing next-generation engineering talent. And today Apple opened up the application process for new students to join its Developer Academy in Naples, Italy.

The Naples connection

The Apple Developer Academy at the University of Federico II in Naples has opened up the application process for up to 400 new coding students.

The program focuses on software development, startup creation, and app design with an emphasis on creativity and collaboration.

The Academy is based in a renewed facility at the university that was specially designed by Apple working with the architecture department there. Teaching takes place in open, collaborative working spaces rather than traditional classrooms.

Students are provided with the hardware and software they need for their studies, including an iPhone and Mac. Some students may be provided with a little financial support in the form of a small scholarship, while others may be able to get regional support – more here.

Thirty-five of this year’s students were selected to attend WWDC. The App Store offers over 50 apps that were developed by students at the Academy, including a revolutionary hearing aid app called Hear Me Well, which uses the iPhone’s microphone to reinforce sound so people can hear it using their headphones.

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